Video Producer | Camera Operator 

               Director | Editor  

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Jon has been heavily involved in both the Camera Department and Post Production since early 2008. Since then, he has expanded his skillsets to include Director of Photography, Camera Operator, Editor, Drone Operator and Producer. 

Originally from New York, Jon first entered world of production on the east coast before moving to California in 2011. He has extensive experience working on every type of production imaginable, ranging from television production and commercials, branded and digital content, corporate videos and instructional videos, documentaries, music videos and everything in between.

As an editor, Jon has edited multi-camera shows and live productions, as well as music videos, documentaries, commercials, and everything in between. Jon is proficient with the entire Adobe Creative Suite, as well as Da Vinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro 7/X, as well as AVID.  

From an equipment standpoint, Jon owns multiple camera packages, lighting, grip, electric and all other equipment necessary for small/medium productions. He also has an at-home edit suite, and is capable of working on set, in an office, or fully remotely with full efficiency, no matter the environment. Crews of 10-20 additional crewmembers can be arranged with ease.

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