Social Media Management 


I have been working professionally in the Film/TV industry In both New York and Los Angeles since 2009, and have been residing in California since 2011. I have extensive experience filming, directing, producing and editing everything from feature films to documentaries, reality TV, live music events, extreme sports and racing, webseries, short films, music videos, corporate videos and everything in between.

With each passing year producing visual content in the entertainment industry, it became more and more evident to me that the way media was being consumed was rapidly changing, becoming more user-friendly than ever, and increasingly being optimized for mobile devices. Social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and YouTube started not only engaging fans in ways never thought possible, but it actually began driving a brand's reach, and converting a fan base into tangible revenue.

While I still am heavily involved in the entertainment industry, I have successfully created and managed social media campaigns associated with my own personal companies, as well as many other outside clients. I have extensive experience optimizing a brand's ability to be easily found on search engines, producing graphics, photos and video for marketing efforts, optimizing Gooogle AdWords and AdSense, adding thousands of organic followers to social media networks, and driving traffic to directed sources for an all-in-one package.

How I Can Help Your Brand

In order to properly capitalize on this wave of new media, specific techniques of managing a brand's social online presence need to be properly implimented to keep up with ever-changing trends and new methods of consumption. Being ahead of social trends and optimizing media to be viewed on multiple platforms allows a brand to have a critical upper hand with interacting with their existing fan base, aggregating a new  and more diverse social following, and actually can translate fans, followers and online views into real profit - 

creating new revenue streams from sources never thought possible. 

Having a more complete online presence lends itself to building consumer trust, and creates loyalty amongst a given fan base. There are many different techniques that are essential to properly build and manage a social following, driving internet traffic, and optimizing viewership - each of which requires large amounts of media to be created and distributed on all platforms - consistently throughout the course of 6-8 weeks - in order to be able to generate enough data to view trends, and further customize a constantly-evolving strategy. 

My services come complete with an array of professional film and photography equipment that will consistently make a quality impression with your fans, and make them come back to consume more of your content on a regular basis. Additionally, my team and I are able to increase your search engine presence, as well as your social media presence anywhere from 1,000 - 10,000 additional followers per month, drive thousands of new, organic viewers to become introduced to your content, further expanding your online reach. 


Video Services 

- Full-Length Commercials 

- Instructional Videos

- Unboxing Videos

- Instagram Videos

- YouTube Videos

- Video Blogs

- Demonstrational Videos

- Review Videos

- Live Event Video

- Time Lapse Video

- Aerial Drone Video

Photography Services

- Product Photography

- Social Media Photos

- Marketing Graphics

- Promotional Materials 

- Live Event Photography

- Ad Creation

- Banner Creation

- Instructional Photos

- Hashtag Optimization

SEO/Social Following Services

- Add 1,000 - 20,000 Facebook Fans Per Month

- Add 1,000 - 20,000 Instagram Followers Per Month

- Add 1,000 - 20,000 Twitter Followers Per Month

- Add 1,000 - 20,000 YouTube Subscribers Per Month

- Create/Optimize Blog For Brand and Update Regularly 

- Share Online Content With Relevant Social Influencers

- Drive 1,000 - 40,000 Page Views to Content Via Online Traffic

- Optimize Google AdWords

- Optimize Google AdSense

- Optimize Overall Online Presence

- Increase Search Engine Ranking Position

- Ad Network Integration For Maximum Revenue Per Click

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